Welcome to :) BitcoinForeverYoung

Very happy to be live with BitcoinForeverYoung – easily and safely store encrypted Wallet Files, important Documents, even Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies) or set up instructions in case of emergency or even death, and we will follow your instructions and/or hand everything back to you when you need it – simply by just sending an email.

Why the need for this service? Check for yourself…

Guy lost 7500 BTC: https://www.ccn.com/how-a-cryptocurrency-investor-lost-60-million-in-bitcoin-and-never-got-it-back/

This one lost 241 BTC in his Trezor: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7gkhlu/tried_recovering_my_trezor_with_241_btc_after/

There is countless reports of people losing their wallet files, private keys, exchanges getting shut down or closing your account.. With BitcoinForeverYoung we aim to solve this problem by securely storing your files/data offline for you.

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