Swiss Banking Services for Bitcoin

BitcoinForeverYoung offers testament, executor, services and offline cloud storage for encrypted wallets and Bitcoin.

An estimated 30% of Bitcoin is lost by people losing access to their wallet, Trezor, private key or by getting hacked, phished. Plus by people simply making mistakes in handling of their Cryptocurrency.

…what can we do to fix this problem?

The loss of cryptocurrency (in some cases people lost 10k Bitcoins, some even just recently in 2018 lost 50, 100, 200 Bitcoin – is tragic for the individual. There is an easy solution.

In switzerland they have numbered bank accounts. Basically with just your name, number and password you can always easily get back at your assets.

With Bitcoin you are your own swiss bank – as your private key is all you need to always get access back to your funds. The only problem is – unless you have some autistic, amazing memory skills – nobody can remember their private key. So you will still need to write it down, save it somewhere, or store it on drives, cloud providers. All these can fail.

Cloud providers may erase your data if you do not log in for a certain amount of time. You may get hacked or phished. Rogue employees may find ways to find stored cryptocurrency files and decrypt them.

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To quickly get started or ask questions, please send an email to bitcoinforeveryoung @t protonmailch or use the following form.

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